Chauhan Physiotherapy Clinic provides specialized care to people suffering from body pains and various physiological disorders like Arthritis, Slip Disc. We also provides specialized care to people suffering from Muscular Pain, Neck Pain, Paralysis, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Frozen Shoulder. Our physiotherapists diagnose physical disorders, body malfunctioning, pain caused due to trauma or diseases etc. using physical agents like mobilization methods, exercises, mechanical & electrotherapy, and manipulations. Electro diagnostic testing and laboratory imaging studies are done to have a holistic approach to the diagnosis and to prevent the further occurrence of the ailments.

Our approach to health care includes surgery-less and drugless treatment to disabilities and pains arising from injury, trauma or diseases. We have specialists for neuropathy, pediatric physiotherapy, neurological physiotherapy, osteoarthritis etc. Our diagnosis methods are aimed to provide maximum mobility and ability to the patients and minimize the pain in their body, muscles and mind. Scope of our physiotherapy treatments is wide and we treat disorders and pains related to nervous system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system etc. We strive to :

  • Improve joint movements
  • Help in rehabilitation from sports injuries
  • Heal the chronic pain
  • Recovering from the trauma of surgery
  • Reduce overall body pain
  • Improve the mobility and ability of the body

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We make use of special mobility and exercise equipments to provide fast relief from the pains and disability to our patients. These physiotherapy equipments are meant to heal different parts of our body. So that the patients can complete their daily tasks painlessly and with ease. Our physiotherapists help in the cardiac rehabilitation of patients.  We have specialist to treat the pains and disability caused due to accidents, sports injuries, burns, spinal cord and brain injuries. Chauhan Physiotherapy Clinic team of specialist includes doctors, nurses, psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists. We make use of best practices to provide you optimal care. Chauhan Physiotherapy Clinic is committed to provide you a painless life with enhanced body movement and ability.